Equal access to medicines for all people



Our mission at Fair Access Medicines is to identify, develop and deliver life-saving medicines to poorly-served patient populations at the lowest cost possible.  To achieve our vision, we collaborate with government, non-government and private entities and leverage our extensive internal knowledge in drug development and manufacture. Our philosophy is that access to medications should not be limited by national borders, economic or political boundaries and that by harnessing the enormous power of modern drug development technologies, we can help to improve and enhance the quality of life and health in populations long ignored and exploited by the traditional Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industries. We invite you to partner with us in achieving this goal.



Our goals align with our strong belief that access to medicines is a fundamental human right. Because of this, we have identified several target medicines that can be manufactured and supplied in a low-cost way. Our goal is to supply high quality medicines at the lowest possible price.


    “The Ebola crisis was a Failure on the part of the worldwide Pharma Industry to give back"

Jim Wilkins|Founder

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We started Fair Access Medicines in response to the great disparity that exists between access to medicines in the prosperous "developed" world and the greatly limited access experienced by the vast majority of the world's population. The reason for this disparity lies at least in part, in the relentless pursuit of outsize profits by the worldwide pharmaceutical industry. We feel that there is an urgent need to balance this attitude by identifying opportunities to supply medicines at the lowest possible cost.